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2009-06-13 17:15:40 by Nikowolf

you 0 raters for songs suck ass D=. Stupid dumbasses =.=

Song creating

2009-06-03 15:24:04 by Nikowolf

ok so I start making a song with FL and everything but when it gets good it always ends up bad in the end. =/ I'm so noobish at it it kills me. I'm working on yet another song but I just can't seem to get it working right. D= I think I'll just post the song file to filefront or something and anyone who wants to see it send me a message and I'll give you the link. Any help or anything will be great. >.< Ok I guess that's it. Well ttyl.

I got my laptop yay xD. lol now to make music and since I lost all my other saved songs and crap I'll have to start from scratch. ok wish me luck guys for I'm gonna work on a song and it could take a while becaaaaaaaaause I want it to sound good and not sound like a piece a of junk like a couple songs have been. so be on the lookout for newer better songs O.o. Well anyways that is all and yes that was a random title thank you very much =].

Damn >.>

2009-03-11 16:00:32 by Nikowolf

Well my computer is dead so no music for who knows how long. No thing for a while. =/ It has like crashed dead memory erased I think idk. Till I get my laptop which hopefully should be soon maybe but yeah. oh well break time again

So Solfire Erotica was good

2009-03-08 14:23:12 by Nikowolf

So happy cause I took a lot of time making it and it was successful. lol Maybe not very many listens and stuff but hey it's good and that's what matters. Anyways I'll take my time making more songs to come also busy talking to some friends online. So may be a bit till next song =].

Anyways other then that now I'm just being lazy and maybe gonna figure something out to do later and what not. But yeah if you haven't heard my song yet you should if you want to that is. xD Also also I'm still new with this and learning more so expect better music in time. For now I say farewell until next time. ^.^

K back

2009-03-04 18:20:31 by Nikowolf

After a long awaited break from making music and stuff and meeting such an amazing girl with whom I like so much and is just an amazing person to talk to I'm back. I will start making music again but I'm not gonna be rushing anything cause if I do I end up making horrible music xP. Anyways I have one song and its a basic dungeon song from idk where. sounds familiar too but enh I'll submit it anyways to see what others think.

That is all until next post farewell


No songs for a while =.=

2009-02-25 00:41:59 by Nikowolf

Because I don't feel like making any and I'm to busy watching anime and playing games. So yeah bye for now >.>

Distant Night

2009-02-22 14:15:31 by Nikowolf

Seemed to be a successful song and that's really awesome. Now for the Loop i uploaded should I cut out the intro (basically the long beginning) and add in just the main song or should I leave it? I need some opinions because I know both ways would sound good but what would others think about it? Anyways that's all for now I'll be working more on my songs now That I'm starting to get it more. =] If you haven't heard the song yet you should and see what you think of it. Whether its good or bad is up to you. Anyways that's it lol later.


2009-02-21 19:22:57 by Nikowolf

I'm no good at making music as much as I try. lol I don't want to quit though so I guess I'll practice more to see the outcome. but seeing a song that may have sounded cool get such a low rating sucks =.=. Nothing else new here except for i make crappy music so far x.x

Some news

2009-02-11 03:45:27 by Nikowolf

Well so far music making has been a pain in the butt learning and getting it all in my head. lol but I have to say that it is so worth it and just so much fun to mess with and make my own songs for others to enjoy and listen too. I'm a nub at it still but that's how we all are or were when we started making music right. Anyways I should have that short version of my newest song edited and done tomorrow maybe. Depending on how things go but soon enough I'll start doing some remixes of songs just to have some extra fun and take a break from thinking so much too.

Well that was all for now and until next post later and good night!